So, I’m on the tour! Have just had a day and a half in dc, about to leave. Everyone is great, age range is 18-34. Already got a few girls who know way too much about me haha. 

Planning is already underway for costumes For Fat Tuesday in New Orleans… This could get interesting




So I know it has been a while….

… but i’ve been busy!!! For those of you who don’t know, I’m in NY (but tonight is my last night 😦 ). I had a great time with family in Canada, nice and relaxed and great to catch up with my cousin. Went to Niagara Falls – got there and it was really, really foggy – couldn’t actually see the falls haha. Thankfully that cleared before we left!!! Flights to NY were cancelled, so I was lucky to get here the night I was suppose to!


NY has been great – it’s so fast paced, everyone always on the go and people EVERYWHERE! I’ve seen the sights, been to a broadway show (Newsies), eaten too much, and had a great time. Went to a Superbowl party with a friend (Dave) from a previous trip (Peru), which was great!! Spent just over 24 hours with him, which was much too short, but hoping to see him again some time this year. I’ve done plenty of shopping (although a bit too much has been for other people *cough* Shahn *cough*) and walked A LOT.


For some reason, the song currently stuck in my head is:

I’ve been around the world
A couple of times or maybe more
I’ve seen the sights, I’ve had delights
On every foreign shore
But when my mates all ask me
The place that I adore
I tell them right away

Give me a home among the gumtrees
With lots of plum trees
A sheep or two, a k-kangaroo
A clothesline out the back
Verandah out the front
And an old rocking chair


seems pretty relevant right now!




Well I hope everyone back home is staying safe, first fires and now floods and tornados!

So my last few days in Costa Rica were pretty uneventful. The kids were heaps of fun, I had a surfing lesson and had dinner and drinks out with everyone for my last night! They were all so lovely, a great group 🙂 Had my last night in San Jose with Christina and Hannah – a bit of shopping ( free shoes for all of us!), a bite to eat and a delicious hot chocolate before a quick nap and a night out. Ladies night, so free drinks! Had a great night, but had to be in a taxi at 6am to head to the airport – the girls were really impressed when I woke them to say goodbye haha.

I’m in Canada now, staying with my (second) cuz, her fiancé and their cutie pie son! It’s nice just to relax a bit, it’s snowing right now 🙂 we went ice skating on a pond yesterday (we went past blue mountain and collingwood, I wasn’t sure if it was Canada or Australia!), today we are just staying in the local area 🙂

I’ve got a couple more days here before I’m off to ny!



With only a few short days left in Costa Rica (and spending another day in bed recovering) I was thinking about the highlights of travelling so far.

*It has to start with meeting two lovely aussies gals on the stopover. Pretty sure we all would have gone insane without each other!! 

*Meeting some other wonderful volunteers (heading to both the same area as me, and to the other side of Costa RIca) and going out for dinner (without being run over!)

*Teaching Hannah to bodysurf, watching her achieve the perfect hairflip as she came out of the water (and then nearly getting smashed by the waves) – oh, and spending the entire time we were in the water singing “under the sea” (from The Little Mermaid)

*Working with the kids. Adorable, funny, smart (and just so keen on soccer… I’ll never understand their (or the ‘boys’ – the volunteers) fascination with soccer!!!!).

*The people I am volunteering with – let me give you a run down:

Hannah (from the US) is a volunteer leader, and is always keen for drinks, the beach or pizza 😉 – she has only been here one extra week, so is learning with the rest of us;

David (from Scotland) is our other volunteer leader, he’s been here a few months now. Loves the beach and soccer, doesn’t drink or smoke (and pretty much all the volunteers here smoke)

Miranda (from England) has worked with play based teaching before, using it with kids who were visiting their fathers in prison. She will end up with the most quotes on the quote board, just for mishearing everything!! (“Slapdog? Who is slapdog?”)

Lindsay (aka Lin, Linny) from Scotland. I’ve never heard someone say YOLO so many times – apparently she’s here to “YOLO it all over Costa RIca”. One of my roomies and absolutely lovely.

Chris (better know as MC Slack back home, or Slack Daniels, or Slacky) also from England, had a contract as a rapper at one stage (although we still haven’t heard him – apparently he is waiting until he knows us all well…) My other roomie, and he carried my bag up the bloody hill, so he’s one of my favs 😉

Chloe (from England) Knows a billion languages (spending 3months here for uni, and is going to russia for 3 months as well). Has a love of lace, short skirts and dresses haha. Isn’t loving the GVI t-shirts we have to wear.

Jani (from the US) a recent retiree who thought she’d come do this to shake up her life a bit! Absolutely lovely lady!

Barbara (aka Baba) from Switzerland! Knows about 5 languages, starts randomly talking in German and loves photography. A spider bit her on her foot on the first night, so she wasn’t impressed. Absolutely wonderful girl, we’ve already starting planning a holiday together haha. 


and me! 


We also have Christina (Chris) and Blaine who are the local and country coordinators 🙂 

I’ve only known these people just over a week, but I they’re already people I’ll never stop being friends with. I LOVE TRAVELLING!!  

I’ll update you all again soon, but for now I’m going outside to watch the Toucans and monkey! 




So the planned weekend of adventures may have been interrupted due to the previously mentioned game of soccer on the beach… this really shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you, but I’ve come away with a MILD concussion (I’m fine, seriously) so had to put all that off! The plan is to still get a surfing lesson this week before I go!! Can’t believe there is less than a week left for my in Costa Rica (I’ll be back one day soon though – possibly to volunteer again!) I wish now that I was staying longer! 


A few days in…

So I’ve been here a few days now, the people (locals and other volunteers) are awesome. I’ve already been asked to extend my stay to a 6 month internship, which is pretty exciting (not that I can do it… but one can dream – maybe once uni is finished). We’ve spent the last two days in the community centre organising/cleaning/setting up/fixing things – today I redid the shelves in on of the cupboard – I’m pretty skilled 😉 . 


It’s really nice, plenty of time to spend with others, to chill, to go to the beach. 


Mum stop reading now 😉


I’m going ziplining on Sunday through the national park (and having surfing lessons on Saturday!). WOOOOO!